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Honolulu time Monday, February 19 Tuesday, February 20 Wednesday, February 21 Thursday, February 22
8:20 ‑ 8:30 Opening Remarks      
8:30 ‑ 9:30 Keynote I:
On Label Efficient Learning
Keynote II:
Integrated Sensing and Communications: Tradeoffs and Designs
Keynote III:
Entanglement Management over Quantum Internet
Keynote IV:
Learning to Communicate
9:30 ‑ 10:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:00 ‑ 12:00 Distinguished Lectures:
IT-1: Invited Talks I
IT-3: Invited Talks III
IT-5: Invited Talks V
WC-1: WC I
12:00 ‑ 13:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30 ‑ 15:30 CNS-5: CNS V
Plenary Talks I:
Heterogeneous Integration and Packaging of RF electronics and components for 5G+ Wireless Communication Systems Using Additive Manufacturing Techniques;
Collaborative Secure Edge Intelligence for 6G IoT
Plenary Talks II:
Computing In-X for Supporting Big Data Applications;
ACA Bayes with Wi-PHY Apps - Asymptotically Correct Approximate Bayes with Wireless PHY Applications
Plenary Talks III:
AIGC for RF Sensing;
Leveraging ML for Traffic Engineering in Large-scale Networks
15:30 ‑ 16:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:00 ‑ 18:00 DL: Distinguished Lectures
IT-2: Invited Talks II
IT-4: Invited Talks IV
IT-6: Invited Talks VI
18:00 ‑ 19:00        
19:00 ‑ 21:00   Welcome Reception (Keauhou I) Banquet & Award Ceremony (Keauhou I)  

Monday, February 19

Monday, February 19 8:20 - 8:30

Opening Remarks

Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Ruidong Li

Monday, February 19 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote I:
On Label Efficient Learning

Prof. Aggelos Katsaggelos
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Haohong Wang

Monday, February 19 9:30 - 10:00

Coffee Break

Monday, February 19 10:00 - 12:00

Distinguished Lectures:

Prof.: Georgios Giannakis
Prof. Xiuzhen Cheng
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Sooyoung Kim


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Min Chen
Adaptive Honeypot Defense Deployment: A Stackelberg Game Approach with Decentralized DRL for AMI Protection
Abdullatif Albaseer, Moqbel Hamood and Mohamed M. Abdallah
pp. 1-5
Visual Question Answering
Ahmed Nada and Min Chen
pp. 6-10
On the Experimental Performance Measurement of Quantum Teleportation
Ved Dharkar and Suman Kumar
pp. 11-15
A High-fidelity Partial Face Manipulation Dataset for Enhanced Deepfake Detection
Kaitai Tong, Junbin Zhang, Yixiao Wang, Hamid Reza Tohidypour and Panos Nasiopoulos
pp. 16-20
Algorithm for Server Allocation in Delay-Sensitive Internet-of-Things Monitoring Services
Shoya Imanaka, Akio Kawabata, Bijoy Chand Chatterjee and Eiji Oki
pp. 21-25
Credit Card Transactions Fraud Detection for Multiple Consumer Behaviors
Baker Al Smadi, William B Glisson, Majd Tahat, Hosam Alamleh and Ali Abdullah S. AlQahtani
pp. 26-32
Revisiting Multi-Factor Authentication Token Cybersecurity: A TLS Identity Module Use Case
Pascal Urien
pp. 33-38


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Michal Aibin
Dragonfly Algorithm Application for Solving the Nurse Scheduling Problem
Arghavan Ayoughi, Chi Zhang., Stephen Okeleke, Shufei Li, Wei Xin, Yuhan Yue, Ania Aibin and Michal Aibin
pp. 39-43
Multi-task optical performance monitoring using a transfer learning assisted cascaded deep neural network in WDM systems
Yameng Cao, Di Zhang, Hanyu Zhang and Yan Ling Xue
pp. 44-47
Synergized QoE-centric Streaming for Telerobotics
Madhurima Ganguly, Abhijan Bhattacharyya, Ashis Sau and Suraj Kumar Mahato
pp. 48-54
Regulating Covert Communication Capacity with Full-Duplex Receiver Against Location-Uncertain Eavesdropper
Rui Xu, Gaolei Li, Yuchen Liu, Yue Zhao, Jiawen Kang and Jianhua Li
pp. 55-59
Optimal Balancing of Data Transfer Time and Cost in High-Performance Networks
Liudong Zuo and Daqing Yun
pp. 60-64
Path Computation in Multi-switching Multi-layer Networks
Lin Chen and Zihe Yi
pp. 65-69
Security Dataset Augmentation Invariance and Distribution Independence
Gavin Black, William McCullough and Paul Roysdon
pp. 70-75


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Ahmed A Ahmed
Performance Evaluation of MIMO-FTN Signaling under Multipath Fading Channels with PA Non-linearity
Hao-Tse Chiu, Shuhei Saito, Keita Kuriyama, Kentaro Tanaka, Hitoshi Hasegawa, Toshifumi Miyagi, Takeshi Onizawa and Fumiaki Maehara
pp. 76-80
Multi-armed Bandit Algorithm for Online Offloading and Scheduling in Edge Computing Environment
Xiaoying Han and Xiaohua Xu
pp. 81-87
Ensuring a Semantically Effective IoT Network Through Blockchain with Delayed Feedback
Omer Gencay, Alperen Balci, Elif Tugce Ceran and Elif Uysal
pp. 88-92
An Impression-Based Video Analysis Method for Video Recommender Systems
Akito Sasahara, Fumiya Yamaguchi, Da Li, Mayumi Ueda and Shinsuke Nakajima
pp. 93-99
Reliable and Low-Latency Communications for Critical Infrastructures Utilizing Wireless Mesh Networks
Ritayan Biswas, Joonas Säe, Juho Pirskanen and Jukka Lempiäinen
pp. 100-105
Selfish Mining Attacks in Sharded Blockchains
Sheng-Wei Wang
pp. 106-110
A Game Theory Based Rational Mining Strategy in Blockchains With Multiple Rational Miners
Sheng-Wei Wang
pp. 111-115


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Xinyue Zhang
Prompt Fix: Vulnerability Automatic Repair Technology Based on Prompt Engineering
Peng Liu, Zhang Yu qing, He Wang and Chen Zheng
pp. 116-120
A segmentation-based data contention resolution method for optical named data networking
Shimin Chen, Lingyun Zhou and Rui Hou
pp. 121-126
Capacity Improvement with NOMA-CI Precoding for MU-MISO Downlink Systems
Yanfei Lu, Qing Li, Qinghe Gao, Yingzhen Wu, Yan Huo and Tao Jing
pp. 127-132
Delayed broadcast-based data forwarding strategy for vehicular named data networks
Fei Wang and Rui Hou
pp. 133-138
Smart-Watcher: An AI-Powered IoT Monitoring System for Small-Medium Scale Premises
Ahmed A Ahmed and Bernard Nyarko
pp. 139-143
Measurements of Shadowing Loss at 3 and 7 GHz for Small-Cell Planning in University Building
Soon-Soo Oh and Dong-Woo Kim
pp. 144-146
Research on SSL/TLS Security Differences Based on RFC Documents
Zheng Zi qiu, Xuejun Li, He Wang, Gaofei Wu and Zhang Yu qing
pp. 147-151

Monday, February 19 12:00 - 13:30


Monday, February 19 13:30 - 15:30


Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Razvan Cristian Voicu
Weighted Multi-Task Vision Transformer for Distraction and Emotion Detection in Driving Safety
Yixiao Wang, Zhe Li, Guowei Guan, Yipin Sun, Chunyu Wang, Hamid Reza Tohidypour, Panos Nasiopoulos and Victor C.M. Leung
pp. 152-156
A Product Feature Mentioned Timestamp Extraction Method in Review Videos for Online Shopping
Fumiya Yamaguchi, Da Li, Mayumi Ueda and Shinsuke Nakajima
pp. 157-162
Semi-blind Channel Estimation on 802.11 OFDM Data Symbols
Christopher Hansen
pp. 163-167
Foundational Models for Malware Embeddings Using Spatio-Temporal Parallel Convolutional Networks
Dhruv Nandakumar, Devin Quinn, Elijah Soba, Eunyoung Kim, Christopher Redino, Chris Chan, Kevin Choi, Abdul Rahman and Edward Bowen
pp. 168-174
Communication Interchange For Artificial Intelligence Systems
Razvan Cristian Voicu, Aarush K Pande, Muhammad Hassan Tanveer and Yusun Chang
pp. 175-181
Semantic-Aware and Goal-Oriented Communications for Object Detection in Wireless End-to-End Image Transmission
Fatemeh Zahra Safaeipour and Morteza Hashemi
pp. 182-187
Deception-based IDS against ARP Spoofing Attacks in Software-Defined Networks
Fabrice Mvah, Vianney Kengne Tchendji, Clémentin Tayou Djamegni, Ahmed H. Anwar Hemida, Deepak K Tosh and Charles A Kamhoua
pp. 188-192


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Yong Wang
An Image-based Plant Weed Detector using Machine Learning
Ahmed A Ahmed and Jamil Ahmed
pp. 193-197
Social Media Development and Multi-modal Input for Stock Market Prediction: A Review
Jinshui Huang, Jun Wang, Qing Li and Xiaoman Jin
pp. 198-202
Advanced Cyber Deception Framework (ACDF): A Comprehensive Study
Mark A Maldonado, Caleb R Johnson, Manbir S Gulati, Todd M Jaspers and Paul Roysdon
pp. 203-208
Variable Code Size Autoencoder (VCSA) Meets CSI Compression in Model Generalization
Yifei Song, Juan Roa, Renjian Zhao, Zhigang Rong, Weimin Xiao, Jalal Jalali and Baoling S Sheen
pp. 209-214
Guaranteeing Partial State Synchronization for UAV Platoon under Message or UAV Loss
Baisakhi Chatterjee and Rudra Dutta
pp. 215-220
A Comprehensive Study of Supervised Machine Learning Assisted Approaches for IoT Device Identification
Yong Wang, Bhaskar P. Rimal, Carson Koball, Michael Fahnlander, Julia Scheaffer, Joshua Hammrich, Paolo Gentry, Dylan Westlund, Tyler Salmen and Connor Ford
pp. 221-227
Performance of SPAD-Detector in The Presence of Atmospheric Turbulence
Abdulmajeed Awadh Alanazi
pp. 228-232


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Jiahui Jin
Towards Automatically Matching Security Advisories to CPEs: String Similarity-based Vendor Matching
Kylie L McClanahan and Qinghua Li
pp. 233-238
A Lightweight Obfuscated Malware Multi-class Classifier for IoT Using Machine Learning
William Cassel and Nahid Ebrahimi Majd
pp. 239-243
Edge Computing Ransomware Detection in IoT using Machine Learning
Tejesh Radhakrishna and Nahid Ebrahimi Majd
pp. 244-248
Real-time Detection of Optical Cross-talk for Autonomous Network Diagnosis
Mirei Onodera and Akira Hirano
pp. 249-253
Towards Effective Network Intrusion Detection in Imbalanced Datasets: A Hierarchical Approach
Md. Shamim Towhid, Nasik Sami Khan, Md Mahibul Hasan and Nashid Shahriar
pp. 254-258
Machine Learning for Caching Placement in Edge Computing Networks
Liang Zhang and Bijan Jabbari
pp. 259-264
Enhancing Walking Experience: A Walking Route Recommendation System Considering Nearby Spots
Katsuyuki Yamauchi, Da Li, Panote Siriaraya, Yukiko Kawai and Shinsuke Nakajima
pp. 265-270


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Ahmed A Ahmed
Cloud Load Balancing Algorithms Performance Evaluation Using a Unified Testing Platform
Bingyan Li, Weiliang Liu, Salim Nader, Jiaqi Song, Chengyu Zhang and Michal Aibin
pp. 271-277
Wireless Instant Fault Detection through Finite-Element Trained Machine Learning
Kalon Bienz and Behnam Ghalamchi
pp. 278-283
Nanocommunication: PHY Advancements in Electromagnetic and Molecular Approaches
Pankaj Singh, Sujin Kim and Sung-yoon Jung
pp. 284-290
Machine Learning in Sensors for Collision Avoidance
Erkan Karakus, Tao Wei and Qing Yang
pp. 291-295
Low-Cost Tree Health Categorization and Localization Using Drones and Machine Learning
Hovannes K. Kulhandjian, Brian Irineo, Jacob Sales and Michel Kulhandjian
pp. 296-300
AI-based Road Inspection Framework using Drones with GPS-less Navigation
Hovannes K. Kulhandjian, Jose M Torres, Nicholas Amely, Cruz Nieves, Christian Reeves and Michel Kulhandjian
pp. 301-305
Classification of BLE packet according to AGC index with detection of non-ideal reception cases
Morgane Joly, Eric Renault and Fabian Riviere
pp. 306-310


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Abdullatif Albaseer

Monday, February 19 15:30 - 16:00

Coffee Break

Monday, February 19 16:00 - 18:00

DL: Distinguished Lectures

Prof. Honggang Wang
Prof. Xinbin Wang
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Xinwen Fu


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: JingTao Yao
Incorporating Game Theory with Soft Sets
ChenQi Li and JingTao Yao
pp. 349-354
DRL-Based Energy Efficient Power Adaptation for Fast HARQ in the Finite Blocklength Regime
Xinyi Wu and Deli Qiao
pp. 355-360
Peak Cancellation Signal-Based Parallel PAPR Reduction Method Using Low-Dimensional Null Space in Massive MIMO-OFDM
Jun Saito, Takanori Hara and Kenichi Higuchi
pp. 361-365
Transmitter Filtering-aided Sparse Activity Detection for TDD-based Random Access
Hiroki Fujimoto, Takanori Hara and Kenichi Higuchi
pp. 366-370
DCCTA: Age of Information in Slotted ALOHA under Duty Cycle Constraints
Orhan Tahir Yavascan, Mutlu Ahmetoglu, Elif Uysal, Umut Gurbuz, Omer Gencay and Alperen Balci
pp. 371-375
Multi-Objective Cognitive Routing in Space DTNs
Ricardo Lent
pp. 376-381
Power-scheduled Routing Strategy for Quantum Key Distribution over Classical Optical Networks
Yuhang Liu, Xiaosong Yu, Yongli Zhao and Avishek Nag
pp. 382-386


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Xinyue Zhang
Bayesian Game for Cyber Deception Against Remote Attack on Automotive Systems
Priva Kamdem Chassem, Charles A Kamhoua, Alain Zemkoho, Laurent Njilla and Marcelin Nkenlifack
pp. 387-393
Measuring Data Similarity for Efficient Federated Learning: A Feasibility Study
Fernanda Famá, Charalampos Kalalas, Sandra Lagen and Paolo Dini
pp. 394-400
Infrastructure Cost Analysis for Running Timetabling Software Using Various Deployment Architectures in the Cloud
Sommer Harris, Jaelyn Ma, Meet Patel, Kshitij Nair, Niranjan Velraj and Michal Aibin
pp. 401-406
Parameter tuning for accurate heart rate measurement using Wi-Fi signals
Brenda Gouveia, Iandra Galdino, Egberto Caballero, Julio César Huarachi Soto, Sr., Taiane Ramos, Raphael Guerra, Debora Muchaluat-Saade and Célio Vinicius Neves de Albuquerque
pp. 407-411
Dynamic Online Modulation Recognition using Incremental Learning
Ali Owfi, Ali Abbasi, Fatemeh Afghah, Jonathan Ashdown and Kurt Turck
pp. 412-416
Deep Learning-based Malicious Energy Attack Detection in Sustainable IoT Network
Xinyu Zhang, Long Li, Jing Yang, Lina Pu, Zichen Wang, Rong Fu and Zhipeng Jiang
pp. 417-422


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Nadieh Moghadam
Cross-temporal Detection of Novel Ransomware Campaigns: A Multi-Modal Alert Approach
Sathvik Murli, Dhruv Nandakumar, Prabhat K Kushwaha, Cheng Wang, Christopher Redino, Abdul Rahman, Shalini Israni, Tarun Singh and Edward Bowen
pp. 423-429
Demystifying Cyberattacks: Potential for Securing Energy Systems With Explainable AI
Shuva Paul, Sanjana Vijayshankar and Richard Macwan
pp. 430-434
Managing Failures and Service Quality in the Context of NFV
Siamak Azadiabad and Ferhat Khendek
pp. 435-440
Generating Synthetic Time-Series Data on Edge Devices Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Md Faishal Yousuf and Md Shaad Mahmud
pp. 441-445
Speed Testing for measuring Network Traffic in a Smart Network Switch
Souryendu Das and Stavros Kalafatis
pp. 446-450
Adaptive Channel Switching for Connected Vehicles under Extreme Weather Conditions: A Reinforcement Learning Based Approach
Jian Liu and Chin-Tser Huang
pp. 451-455
Detecting Deepfakes Using GAN Manipulation Defects in Human Eyes
Elisabeth Tchaptchet, Elie Tagne, Jaime C Acosta, Danda B. Rawat and Charles A Kamhoua
pp. 456-462


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Junxiu Zhou
Enhancing UAV Security Through Zero Trust Architecture: An Advanced Deep Learning and Explainable AI Analysis
Ekramul Haque, Kamrul Hasan, Imtiaz Ahmed, Md Sahabul Alam and Tariqul Islam
pp. 463-467
Towards Cycle-accurate Simulation of xBGAS
Jie Li, John D Leidel, Brian Page and Yong Chen
pp. 468-472
GRASP and ILS Based Meta-Heuristic Approximation Algorithms for Optimal Virtual Network Synthesis (VNS) in Multi-AS Environment
Yong Xue, Alexander Brodsky and Daniel Menascé
pp. 473-479
WGAN-based Oversampling for QoS-Aware M2M Network Power Allocation
Junxiu Zhou and Yangyang Tao
pp. 480-484
Sentiment Analysis With Lipschitz Recurrent Neural Networks Based Generative Adversarial Networks
Mahmudul Hasan and Sachin Shetty
pp. 485-489
Deep Explainable Content-Aware Per-Scene Video Encoding
Andy Neparidze, Ahmed Amine Mchayaa, Julian David Schäfer, Daniel Silhavy, Robert Seeliger, Stephan Steglich and Stefan Arbanowski
pp. 490-494

Tuesday, February 20

Tuesday, February 20 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote II:
Integrated Sensing and Communications: Tradeoffs and Designs

Prof. Vincent Poor
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Jian Ren

Tuesday, February 20 9:30 - 10:00

Coffee Break

Tuesday, February 20 10:00 - 12:00

IT-1: Invited Talks I

Xinwen Fu
Ender Ayanoglu
Eiji Oki
Sergei Gorlatch
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Duong Thuy Anh Nguyen
Unified View of IoT and CPS Security and Privacy
Lan Luo, Christopher Morales-Gonzalez, Shan Wang, Zhen Ling and Xinwen Fu
pp. 495-499


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Hongwei Li
AnDet: ML-Based Anomaly Detection of UEs in a Multi-cell B5G Mobile Network for Improved QoS
Amar Sinha, Anmol Agrawal, Sandip Roy, Venkanna Udutalapally, Debanjan Das, Rajarshi Mahapatra and Sachin Shetty
pp. 500-505
Targeted Transfer Learning: Leveraging Optimal Transport for Enhanced Knowledge Transfer
Sayyed Farid Ahamed, Kazi Aminul Islam and Sachin Shetty
pp. 506-510
Beamforming with Free Energy Principle under Hierarchical Codebook
Tatsuya Otoshi and Masayuki Murata
pp. 511-517
Trend Encoder with Attentive Neural Process: Node Performance Extrapolation for Non-Time-Series Datasets
Kyota Hattori, Tomohiro Korikawa and Chikako Takasaki
pp. 518-522
Heterogeneous GNN with Express Edges for Intrusion Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems
Hongwei Li and Danai Chasaki
pp. 523-529


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Christian Esposito
Black-Box Attacks against Signed Graph Analysis via Balance Poisoning
Jialong Zhou, Yuni Lai, Jian Ren and Kai Zhou
pp. 530-535
On Building Automation Systems and Attacks
Christopher Morales-Gonzalez, Matthew Harper, Michael Cash, Qun Zhou Sun and Xinwen Fu
pp. 536-542
On the Importance of Trust in Next-Generation Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
Nariman Torkzaban, Anousheh Gholami and John S. Baras
pp. 543-548
Privacy-Preserving Characterization and Data Publishing
Jian Ren and Tongtong Li
pp. 549-553
OBSERVE: Blockchain-based Zero Trust Security Protocol for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) Data Using Simple Machine Learning
Bo Sullivan and Junaid Ahmed Khan
pp. 554-559


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Yangyang Tao
Fed2Com: Towards Efficient Compression in Federated Learning
Zhang Yu, Wei Lin, Sisi Chen, Qingyu Song, Jiaxun Lu, Yunfeng Shao, Bei Yu and Hong Xu
pp. 560-566
Straggler Mitigation in Edge Computing with Coded Compressed Sensing
Yangyang Tao and Junxiu Zhou
pp. 567-572
Cooperative Load Balancing of Neighboring Edge Clouds with LISP
Toru Furusawa and Akihiro Nakao
pp. 573-578
A Surrogate Tiny Machine Learning Model of Variational Autoencoder For Real-Time Baseline Correction of Magnetometer Data
Talha Siddique and Md Shaad Mahmud
pp. 579-583
Comparison of FHE Schemes and Libraries for Efficient Cryptographic Processing
Arisa Tsuji and Masato Oguchi
pp. 584-590


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Tianyuan Yu
Characteristics Aware Video Packet Dropping and Packet Wash
Lijun Dong and Richard Li
pp. 591-597
Quality of Experience Modelling and Analysis for Live Holographic Teleportation
Carl Udora, Peng Qian, Sweta Anmulwar, Anil Fernando and Ning Wang
pp. 598-604
Implicit Neural Representation-based Hybrid Digital-Analog Image Delivery
Akihiro Kuwabara, Yutaro Osako, Sorachi Kato, Takuya Fujihashi, Toshiaki Koike-Akino and Takashi Watanabe
pp. 605-610
Context-Aware Edge-Cloud Collaborative Scene Text Recognition
Puning Zhang, ChangFeng Liu, Honggang Wang, Dapeng Wu, Ruyan Wang and Hong Zou
pp. 611-617
A Secure and Robust ECG Signal Transmission System for Cardiac Arrhythmia Identification
Kun Hua, Hansong Xu and Tigang Jiang
pp. 618-623

Tuesday, February 20 12:00 - 13:30


Tuesday, February 20 13:30 - 15:30

Plenary Talks I:
Heterogeneous Integration and Packaging of RF electronics and components for 5G+ Wireless Communication Systems Using Additive Manufacturing Techniques;
Collaborative Secure Edge Intelligence for 6G IoT

Prof. John Papapolymerou
Prof. Victor Leung
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Falko Dressler

Tuesday, February 20 15:30 - 16:00

Coffee Break

Tuesday, February 20 16:00 - 18:00

IT-2: Invited Talks II

Marwan Krunz
Jie Wang
Shucheng Yu
Zhipeng Cai
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Sergei Gorlatch


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Nadieh Moghadam
Stereo-Aided Blockage Prediction for mmWave V2X Communications
Shinsuke Bannai and Katsuya Suto
pp. 624-628
CyPA: A Cyclic Prefix Assisted DNN for Protocol Classification in Shared Spectrum
Wenhan Zhang, Marwan Krunz and Md Rabiul Hossain
pp. 629-634
MIA-BAD: An Approach for Enhancing Membership Inference Attack and its Mitigation with Federated Learning
Soumya Banerjee, Sandip Roy, Sayyed Farid Ahamed, Devin Quinn, Marc Vucovich, Dhruv Nandakumar, Kevin Choi, Abdul Rahman, Edward Bowen and Sachin Shetty
pp. 635-640
Accelerating Autonomous Cyber Operations: A Symbolic Logic Planner Guided Reinforcement Learning Approach
Ryan Kerr, Steven Ding, Li Li and Adrian A Taylor
pp. 641-647
Design of Smoothed L0 UnfoldingNet Architecture for OFDM Channel Estimation
Zhu Lin Tao and Jia Hou
pp. 648-652


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Tan-Jan Ho
RMF-GPT --- OpenAI GPT-3.5 LLM, Blockchain, NFT, Model Cards and OpenScap Enabled Intelligent RMF Automation System
Eranga Bandara, Peter Foytik, Sachin Shetty, Abdul Rahman, Xueping Liang and Ravi Mukkamala
pp. 653-658
Trustful Blockchain-Enabled Identity Management for VANET with Short-Latency Authentication
Jiayue Zhou, Jianan Hong, Chengchen Zhu, Futai Zou and Cunqing Hua
pp. 659-663
When ChatGPT Meets Vulnerability Management: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Kylie L McClanahan, Sky Elder, Marie Louise Uwibambe, Yaling Liu, Rithyka Heng and Qinghua Li
pp. 664-670
Could Min-Max Optimization Be A General Defense Against Adversarial Attacks?
Rana Abou Khamis and Ashraf Matrawy
pp. 671-676
An SDN-enabled Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange towards Secure P2P Networking
Wenjun Fan, Siyuan Wu and Hao Chen
pp. 677-683


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Junaid Ahmed Khan
Decentralized Authentication for Web of Things: a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)-based solution
Biagio Boi and Christian Esposito
pp. 684-688
Synthetic Power Consumption Data Generation For Appliance Operation Modes
Abdelkareem Jaradat, Hanan Lutfiyya and Anwar Haque
pp. 689-694
Mitigating Pessimism for Guaranteeing Safety Despite Physical Errors in CPS's
Jihwan Kim, Dongmin Shin and Chang-Gun Lee
pp. 695-699
Optimal Workload Allocation for Distributed Edge Clouds With Renewable Energy and Battery Storage
Duong Thuy Anh Nguyen, Jiaming Cheng, Ni Trieu and Duong Tung Nguyen
pp. 700-705
Accelerator-Aware Computation Offloading under Timing Constraints
Vincent Latzko, Christian Leonard Vielhaus, Mahshid Mehrabi and Frank H.P. Fitzek
pp. 706-710


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Christian Esposito
A Multi-Chaotic Key Expansion for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm
Kwame Assa-Agyei, Kayode Owa, Funminiyi Olajide and Tawfik Al-Hadhrami
pp. 711-717
Security-Enhanced WireGuard Protocol Design using Quantum Key Distribution
Lutong Chen, Kaiping Xue, Jian Li, Zhonghui Li and Nenghai Yu
pp. 718-723
Correlation-Aware and Personalized Privacy-Preserving Data Collection
Dongxiao Yu, Kaiyi Zhang, Youming Tao, Wenlu Xu, Yifei Zou and Xiuzhen Cheng
pp. 724-729
SEPPI: Secure and Privacy-Preserving Invitation for Unified Communication Meetings
Thomas Reisinger, Eerke A Boiten and Isabel Wagner
pp. 730-736
DRL-based Latency-Aware Network Slicing in O-RAN with Time-Varying SLAs
Raoul Raftopoulos, Salvatore D'Oro, Tommaso Melodia and Giovanni Schembra
pp. 737-743

Tuesday, February 20 19:00 - 21:00

Welcome Reception

Wednesday, February 21

Wednesday, February 21 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote III:
Entanglement Management over Quantum Internet

Prof. Yuanyuan Yang
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Jian Ren

Wednesday, February 21 9:30 - 10:00

Coffee Break

Wednesday, February 21 10:00 - 12:00

IT-3: Invited Talks III

Rose Hu
Manos Tentzeris
Jelena Misic
Naoaki Yamanaka
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Yuto Lim


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Xinyue Zhang
QoE-aware Airborne Communication Infrastructure for Surveillance in Wildfires
Praveen Fernando and Jin Wei-Kocsis
pp. 749-753
DL-SIC: Deep Learning Aided Successive Interference Cancellation in Shared Spectrum
Zhiwu Guo, Wenhan Zhang, Ming Li, Marwan Krunz and Mohammad Hossein Manshaei
pp. 754-760
An Attention-based AI Model for 3D Beam Prediction in THz Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communication
Muhammad Enayetur Rahman, Md. Shirajum Munir and Sachin Shetty
pp. 761-766
Design and Implementation of a Smart Agricultural Robot bullDOG (SARDOG)
Hovannes K. Kulhandjian, Yue Yang and Nicholas Amely
pp. 767-771
Multi-agent DQN with sample-efficient updates for large inter-slice orchestration problems
Pavlos Doanis and Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos
pp. 772-777


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Jingyi Wang
Malware Detection for Portable Executables Using a Multi-input Transformer-based Approach
Ting-Li Huoh, Onur Barut, Timothy Miskell, Peilong Li, Yan Luo and Tong Zhang
pp. 778-782
QE-DBA: Query-Efficient Decision-Based Adversarial Attacks via Bayesian Optimization
Zhuosheng Zhang, Noor Ahmed and Shucheng Yu
pp. 783-788
Graph Isomorphism — Characterization and Efficient Algorithms
Jian Ren and Tongtong Li
pp. 789-793
Resource-efficient Parallel Split Learning in Heterogeneous Edge Computing
Mingjin Zhang, Jiannong Cao, Yuvraj Sahni, Xiangchun Chen and Shan Jiang
pp. 794-798
Reinforcement Learning With Large Language Models (LLMs) Interaction For Network Services
Hongyang Du, Ruichen Zhang, Dusit Niyato, Jiawen Kang, Zehui Xiong and Dong In Kim
pp. 799-803


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Tianyuan Yu
Hyperclique: A Novel P2P Network Structure for Blockchain Systems
Xiaonan You, Shengli Zhang, Taotao Wang and Soung Chang Liew
pp. 804-809
Hydra: A Scalable Decentralized P2P Storage Federation for Large Scientific Datasets
Justin Presley, Xi Wang, Xusheng Ai, Tianyuan Yu, Tymothy Brandel, Proyash Podder, Varun Patil, Alexander Afanasyev, Frank Feltus, Lixia Zhang and Susmit Shannigrahi
pp. 810-816
Tamperproof Data Transmission to Offline IoT Devices in a Zero-Trust Environment
Richard Roland Vogel, Robert Manthey, Matthias Baumgart, Christian Roschke, Marc Ritter and Matthias Vodel
pp. 817-822
A Reconstruction Forest-Based Interest Flooding Attack Detection Method in Named Data Networking
Guanglin Xing, Xiaoqi Li and Rui Hou
pp. 823-829
Multicast Service Deployment using Information Centric Cloud-Native Network Functions
Yusaku Hayamizu and Hitoshi Asaeda
pp. 830-835


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Ines Carole Kombou Sihomnou
Distributed Beamforming by Multi-Agent Active Inference
Tatsuya Otoshi and Masayuki Murata
pp. 836-842
Battery Life: Performance Analysis and Comparison between Wi-Fi, CBRS and Macro Deployment System
Vanlin Sathya, Aasawaree Deshmukh, Manan Shah and Mehmet Yavuz
pp. 843-849
A Routing Method with Link Information-based Rule Selection in Non-Terrestrial Networks
Tomohiro Korikawa, Chikako Takasaki, Kyota Hattori and Hidenari Oowada
pp. 850-855
Reliability-Aware Offloading in UAV-Aided Mobile Edge Network by Lyapunov Optimization
Jingjing Yao, Semih Cal and Xiang Sun
pp. 856-861
Performance Evaluation of DSRC and C-V2X Coexistence in the 5.895-5.925 GHz Spectrum
Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Marwan Krunz and Amal Yousseef
pp. 862-867

Wednesday, February 21 12:00 - 13:30


Wednesday, February 21 13:30 - 15:30

Plenary Talks II:
Computing In-X for Supporting Big Data Applications;
ACA Bayes with Wi-PHY Apps - Asymptotically Correct Approximate Bayes with Wireless PHY Applications

Prof. David Du
Prof. Dirk Slock
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Sergei Gorlatch

Wednesday, February 21 15:30 - 16:00

Coffee Break

Wednesday, February 21 16:00 - 18:00

IT-4: Invited Talks IV

Yu Cheng Chin-Tser Huang David Matolak Wei Wang
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Chin-Tser Huang


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Hao Xu
Distributed LSTM-based Slice Resource Allocation for Beyond 5G Networks
Ali Ehsanian and Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos
pp. 868-874
Federated Learning-Based Solution for DDoS Detection in SDN
Jovita Nyanyukweni Mateus, Guy-Alain Lusilao-Zodi and Antoine Bagula
pp. 875-880
Optimal Dynamic Resource Allocation for Multi-RIS Assisted Wireless Network: A Causal Reinforcement Learning Approach
Yuzhu Zhang and Hao Xu
pp. 881-885
Self-Supervised Learning for User Localization
Ankan Dash, Jingyi Gu, Guiling Wang and Nirwan Ansari
pp. 886-890
An Actor-Critic Approach for Resource Allocation in Energy Harvesting-Powered Wireless Body Area Network
Khaled Sabahein, Feng Wang and Zhonghui Wang
pp. 891-897


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Ines Carole Kombou Sihomnou
Participation Selection in Mobile Crowd Sensing with Diversity Ensures
Jiahui Jin and Ting Li
pp. 898-902
An Authorizable Threshold Signature Scheme for Secure Sharing and Mining of Power IoT Data
Wei Chen, Xiaotian Xu, Cong Hou, RanXin Gao, Guanlin Si and Yue Zhang
pp. 903-909
Cross-tier Coordination in Spectrum Sharing: A Blockchain Approach
Shuo Wang, Chen Sun, Haojin Li and Tao Cui
pp. 910-914
Blockchain-Assisted Cross-Domain Data Governance for Social Computing
Shulei Zeng, Yao Sun and Mugen Peng
pp. 915-920
mmWave Beam Selection in Dynamic Multi-Path Environments: A POMDP Approach
Ece Bingol and Eylem Ekici
pp. 921-926


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Xinyu Ma


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Tan-Jan Ho

Wednesday, February 21 19:00 - 21:00

Banquet & Award Ceremony

Thursday, February 22

Thursday, February 22 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote IV:
Learning to Communicate

Prof. Robert Calderbank
Chair: Shiwen Mao

Thursday, February 22 9:30 - 10:00

Coffee Break

Thursday, February 22 10:00 - 12:00

IT-5: Invited Talks V

Song Ci
Yingfei Dong
Shervin Shirmohammadi
Michele Zorzi
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Yingfei Dong


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Junaid Ahmed Khan
AI-powered Emergency Keyword Detection for Autonomous Vehicles
Hovannes K. Kulhandjian, Brandon Poorman, Javier Gutierrez and Michel Kulhandjian
pp. 984-988
Client Selection in Federated Learning: A Dynamic Matching-Based Incentive Mechanism
Sai Sharanya Yellampalli, Mikulas Chalupa, Jingyi Wang, Hyo Jung Song, Xinyue Zhang, Hao Yue and Miao Pan
pp. 989-993
A Cluster-based Privacy-Enhanced Hierarchical Federated Learning Framework with Secure Aggregation
Chia-Yu Lin, Chih-Hung Han, Wei-Chih Yin and Ted T. Kuo
pp. 994-999
Constrained Bayesian Optimization of VANET Safety Messaging Using Deep Learning Neural Networks
Aidan Samuel Wright, Sandeep John Philip and Xiaomin Ma
pp. 1000-1005
Enhancing Federated Learning with Self-Determining Mechanism in MEC
Ruixin Li, Chun Wang, Zibin Zheng and Huawei Huang
pp. 1006-1010

WC-1: WC I

Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Hyuck Kwon
5G-and-Beyond Positioning against Amplify-and-Forward Relay Jamming
Hyuck Kwon, Jyothi Sri Sai Manne and Khanh D. Pham
pp. 1011-1015
Comparisons of TDM and FDM Pilot Signals for Phase Noise Estimation with High-Order QAM for DFT-Spread OFDM
Ryota Kuribayashi and Mamoru Sawahashi
pp. 1016-1021
Intermittent Markov Frequency-Hopping Entropy Rate
Hyuck Kwon
pp. 1022-1026
Analysis and Empirical Validation of Visible Light Path Loss Model for Vehicular Sensing and Communication
Hisham Abuella, Md Zobaer Islam, Russ Messenger, John O'Hara and Sabit Ekin
pp. 1027-1031
Beamforming Design for MIMO DFRC Systems with Transmit Covariance Constraints
Chenhao Yang, Xin Wang, Wei Ni and Yi Jiang
pp. 1032-1036


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Hideki Tode
Joint Task Offloading and Service Migration in RIS assisted Vehicular Edge Computing Network Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
Xiangrui Ning, Ming Zeng and Zesong Fei
pp. 1037-1042
Extended Physarum Solver for Capacity-Constraint Routing
Kohsuke Sonoda, Hiroshi Katada, Shigeru Shimamoto, Taku Yamazaki and Takumi Miyoshi
pp. 1043-1047
User Grouping with Fairness Consideration in Massive MIMO System with Varying Channel Quality
Shengping Zhou, Ming Zeng and Fei Zesong
pp. 1048-1053
MEGATRON: Machine Learning in 5G with Analysis of Traffic in Open Radio Access Networks
Mauro Belgiovine, Jerry Z Gu, Joshua B Groen, Miquel Sirera, Utku Demir and Kaushik Chowdhury
pp. 1054-1058
Time Gating Control Approaches for Time Critical Applications from Perspective of Wireless LANs and All Optical Networks
Hideki Tode, Yosuke Tanigawa, Ratha Yeu and Akio Hasegawa
pp. 1059-1064


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Nie Xiaowei
A Dual Transfer Framework for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Lusi Li, Rui Ning, Ziyu Wang and Shuai Hao
pp. 1065-1070
Fast Frequency-Direction Mapping Design for Data Communication With True-Time-Delay Array Architecture
Ding Zhao, Ibrahim Pehlivan, Aditya Wadaskar and Danijela Cabric
pp. 1071-1076
DTL-Based CSI Feedback Combined With Continual Learning in FDD Massive MIMO Systems
Mayuko Inoue, Tomoaki Ohtsuki and Mondher Bouazizi
pp. 1077-1081
A Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Contention Window Avoidance Scheme for Distinguishing Network Service Priorities
Nie Xiaowei, Wang Demin, Zhang Yuqing, Pan Xiaoduo and Zuo Zhibin
pp. 1082-1086
Performance Assessment of Intent Sharing in Infrastructure-assisted Cooperative Perception Services
Ahmed Hamdi Sakr, Sergei Avedisov, Shishir Manjunatha and Onur Altintas
pp. 1087-1091

Thursday, February 22 12:00 - 13:30


Thursday, February 22 13:30 - 15:30

Plenary Talks III:
AIGC for RF Sensing;
Leveraging ML for Traffic Engineering in Large-scale Networks

Prof. Shiwen Mao
Prof. Yusheng Ji
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Jian Ren

Thursday, February 22 15:30 - 16:00

Coffee Break

Thursday, February 22 16:00 - 18:00

IT-6: Invited Talks VI

Panos Nasiopoulos
Yu Wang
Cedric Westphal
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Yu Wang


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Hao Xu
A Secure Hierarchical Federated Learning Using Dirichlet-based Trust Management
Grace Colette Tessa Masse, Abderrahim Benslimane, Vianney Kengne Tchendji and Ahmed H. Anwar Hemida
pp. 1098-1103
Energy-Efficient Multi-hop LoRaWAN with Transmission and Synchronization Control
Hiroto Shida, Aoto Kaburaki and Koichi Adachi
pp. 1104-1108
LBT-based Resource Allocation Methods Utilizing Periodicity of Traffic in LPWAN
Aoto Kaburaki, Koichi Adachi, Osamu Takyu, Mai Ohta and Takeo Fujii
pp. 1109-1113
Game-Theoretic Defense Strategies for Mitigating Gray Hole Attacks on Energy-Limited Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ines Carole Kombou Sihomnou, Abderrahim Benslimane, Ahmed H. Anwar Hemida, Gabriel Deugoue and Charles A Kamhoua
pp. 1114-1120
Decentralized Learning based Optimal Design for RIS-assisted Multi-user Ad-Hoc Network: A Multi-Player Multi-Armed Bandits Approach
Yuzhu Zhang and Hao Xu
pp. 1121-1125


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Md Sahabul Alam
Computation Rate Maximization in STAR-RIS aided Wireless Powered Mobile Edge Computing Networks with NOMA
Mohammad Hossein Alishahi, Paul Fortier, Ming Zeng and Fang Fang
pp. 1126-1131
5GPS: 5G Femtocell Placement Strategies for Ultra-Precise Indoor Localization in the Metaverse
Alireza Famili, Tolga O Atalay and Angelos Stavrou
pp. 1132-1138
Performance Analysis of LDPC coded Outdoor Long-Distance Imaging MIMO System
Daiki Ishikawa, Chedlia Ben Naila, Hiraku Okada and Masaaki Katayama
pp. 1139-1143
Cuckoos United: Extending Cuckoo Filters for Message Dissemination in Vehicular Networks
Touhid Hossain Pritom, Simon Welzel and Florian Klingler
pp. 1144-1148


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Yuto Lim
Quantum Error Corrected Fidelity Routing Design for Long-distance Quantum Networks
Yuto Lim, Lishuai Yuan and Zhaowei Zhong
pp. 1149-1153
Contention-Based Operation in TDM-Type Passive Optical Networks
Denis A Khotimsky, Eugene B DeFrancisci, Gregory K Sherrill and Rajesh Yadav
pp. 1154-1157
Area4U: Predicting Interaction Hotspots for Large Public Displays
Xinyuan Zhang, Xiaoyang Mao, Wan Young Chung, Zhigang Gao, Jianwen Feng and Kentaro Go
pp. 1158-1163
A Measurement Investigation of ERC-4337 Smart Contracts on Ethereum BlockChain
Zibin Lin, Taotao Wang, Chonghe Zhao, Shengli Zhang, Qing Yang and Long Shi
pp. 1164-1170
Cooperative Mobility Control for Maintaining Required Throughput in Multiple Ad Hoc Networks with Autonomous Mobile Robots
Kota Makino, Takeshi Hirai and Tutomu Murase
pp. 1171-1176