Program Glance

Detailed Program

Monday, February 17

Monday, February 17 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote Talk I: Solving the Blockchain Trilemma

David Tse, Thomas Kailath and Guanghan Xu Professor, Stanford University, USA
Rooms: Keauhou II, Keauhou III, Keauhou IV, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa
Chair: Cheng Li

Abstract: The blockchain trilemma is a conjecture which states that it is impossible to build a fully decentralized blockchain system whose security and transaction throughput both scale linearly with the number of nodes in the network. We provide a resolution to the conjecture.

Monday, February 17 9:30 - 10:00

Coffee Break

Monday, February 17 10:00 - 12:00

Distinguished Lecture I: Towards Provisioning Vehicle-Based Information Services

Hassam Hassanein, Queen's University, Canada
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Yuanzhu Chen


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Longwen Wu


Room: Keauhou IV


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Jamil Y Khan


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny

Monday, February 17 12:00 - 13:30

Lunch (on attendee own)

Monday, February 17 13:30 - 15:30

Distinguished Lecture II: Technology Trends for Connected and Autonomous Electric Vehicles in Smart Cities

Hussein T. Mouftah, University Distinguished Professor, Ottawa University, Canada
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Chin-Tser Huang


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: A. Malik Aljalai
On Finding Hidden Relationship among Variables in WiFi using Machine Learning
Aizaz U Chaudhry and Roshdy H Hafez
Overlapping Histograms for 3D Data Classification
Yuyu Lai, Ryan Norfield, Alexander Micsoniu, Raziq Khan and Michal Aibin
On advantages of data driven traffic classification for dynamic routing in optical networks
Edyta Biernacka and Michal Aibin
Time-Varying Truth Prediction in Social Networks Using Online Learning
Olusola Tolulope Odeyomi, Hyuck Kwon and David Murrell
RESTful Web of Things for Ubiquitous Smart Home Energy Management
Bhagya Silva, Murad Khan, Kyuchang Lee, Yongtak Yoon, Muhammad Diyan, Jihun Han and Ki Jun Han
IP Reputation Analysis of Public Databases and Machine Learning Techniques
Jared Lewis, Geanina Tambaliuc, Husnu S Narman and Wook-Sung Yoo
Impacts of Positive and Negative Comments of Social Media Users to Cryptocurrency
Husnu S Narman and Alymbek Damir Uulu


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Bilal Gonen
An Improved Real-time Video Stream Differentiated Transmission Algorithm Based on IDNC
Weixia Zou
Dual-Hop Wireless Powered Communication Networks Assisted by Backscatter
Meihua Liu, Rui Jiang and Youyun Xu
Service Restoration in Multi-Modal Optical Transport Networks with Reinforcement Learning
Zipiao Zhao, Yongli Zhao, Yajie Li, Ying Wang, Sabidur Rahman, Dongmei Liu and Jie Zhang
Automated Event Identification from System Logs Using Natural Language Processing
Abhishek Dwaraki, Shachi Kumar and Tilman Wolf
A Game Theoretic Model for Deadline Constrained Packet Scheduling with an Energy Harvesting Jammer
Haseen Rahman, Ankith Vinayachandran, Sibi Raj B Pillai, Kumar Appaiah and Rahul Vaze
Physical Layer Security in Frequency-Domain Time-Reversal SISO OFDM Communication
Sidney Jonathan Golstein, François Horlin, Trung-Hien Nguyen, Philippe De Doncker and Julien Sarrazin
Evaluating Methods for Enabling Continuous Operation in Dynamic WiFi Direct Networks
Aaron Faulkenberry, Utku Demir, Cristiano Tapparello and Wendi Heinzelman


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Vanlin Sathya

Distinguished Lecture III: Localization of Things

Moe Win, Professor, MIT, USA
Room: Mauna Loa

Monday, February 17 16:00 - 18:00


Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Bruce Hartpence
An Approach for Authoring Mulsemedia Documents Based on Events
Douglas Paulo de Mattos, Debora Muchaluat-Saade and Gheorghita Ghinea
Biased Estimation For Source Localization in Fault Tolerant Networks
Lauren Huie and Mark Fowler
Time-Varying Diffusion Social Learning
Vidhi Rana, Hyuck Kwon and David Murrell
Deep Learning Based Identification of Wireless Protocols in the PHY layer
Alex Berian, Irmak Aykin, Marwan Krunz and Tamal Bose
Machine-Learning-based Alarm Prediction with GANs-based Self-Optimizing Data Augmentation in Large-Scale Optical Transport Networks
Haotao Zhuang, Yongli Zhao, Xiaosong Yu, Yajie Li, Ying Wang and Jie Zhang
Unsupervised Protocol-based Intrusion Detection for Real-world Networks
Maxime Labonne, Alexis Olivereau, Baptiste Polvé and Djamal Zeghlache
A SNR-based PSO Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Algorithm against Malicious Nodes
Fang Ye, Zitao Zhou, Ping Bai, Yansong Wang and Tao Jiang


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: A. Malik Aljalai
An Intelligent System for Rumor Recognition and Rumor Sentiment Judgment
Jun Wang, Xing Liu, Ali M. S. Alfosool, Junjie Su, Xirui Fu and Jinghua Tan
Physical-Layer Security with Finite Blocklength over Slow Fading Channels
Tong-Xing Zheng, Hao-Wen Liu, Zhaowei Wang, Qian Yang and Hui-Ming Wang
An Improved BBU/RRU Energy Consumption Predictor for 4G and Legacy Mobile Networks using Mixed Statistical Models
David Duarte, Thaína C. Saraiva, Iola Pinto and Pedro Vieira
Spread Spectrum Technique Using Staggered Multi-tone
Austin Stevens, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, Hussein Moradi, Jonathan Driggs and Taylor Sibbett
Adaptive Directional Neighbor Discovery Schemes in Wireless Networks
El khamlichi Btissam, El abbadi Jamal, Nathaniel W Rowe and Sunil Kumar
A Deep Learning Based Channel Estimation for High Mobility Vehicular Communications
Mehrtash Mehrabi, Mostafa Mohammadkarimi, Masoud Ardakani and Yindi Jing
Interference Resource Allocation Models for Communication Equipment
Yibing Li, Xiaoyu Geng, Wei Lv, Han Yu, Fang Ye and Tao Jiang


Room: Mauna Kea
MIMO-OFDM Detector Selection using Reinforcement Learning
Hyukjoon Kwon and Kee-Bong Song
Towards AoI-aware Smart IoT Systems
Hasan Beytur, Sajjad Baghaee and Elif Uysal
Data Migration in Large Scale Heterogeneous Storage Systems with Space Constraints
Sixia Chen, Chadi Kari and Matthew Coolbeth
Deep Adaptive Transmission for Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
Mehrtash Mehrabi, Mostafa Mohammadkarimi, Masoud Ardakani and Yindi Jing
Meeting Users' QoS in a Edge-to-Cloud Platform via Optimally Placing Services and Scheduling Tasks
Matthew Turner and Hana Khamfroush
Analysis of Criteria for the Selection of Machine Learning Frameworks
Kai Dinghofer and Frank Hartung
Multi-UAV Cooperative Mission Assignment Algorithm Based on ACO method
Yibing Li, Sitong Zhang, Jie Chen, Tao Jiang and Fang Ye

Tuesday, February 18

Tuesday, February 18 8:20 - 8:30

Opening Ceremony

Room: Keauhou II

Tuesday, February 18 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote Talk II: Challenges and Opportunities in Algorithmic Solutions for Re-Balancing in Bike Sharing Systems

Jie Wu, Temple University
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Jian Ren


Tuesday, February 18 10:00 - 12:00

Invited Talks I: Wireless Communications/Networks

Ender Ayanoglu, Michele Zorzi, Marco Ajmone Marsan, Rose Hu
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Luiz DaSilva
Satellite Communication at Millimeter Waves: a Key Enabler of the 6G Era
Marco Giordani and Michele Zorzi


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Christopher Mansour
Anonymous and Coercion-Resistant Distributed Electronic Voting
Ehab Zaghloul, Tongtong Li and Jian Ren
Secure and Efficient OFDM System Design under Disguised Jamming
Yuan Liang, Jian Ren and Tongtong Li
Malicious Message Detection on Twitter via Dissemination Paths
Charles A Tuttle, Savankumar Patel and Hao Yue
Defeating Jamming Attacks with Ambient Backscatter Communications
Huynh Van Nguyen, Diep N. Nguyen, Hoang Thai Dinh, Eryk Dutkiewicz, Markus Dominik Mueck and Srikathyayani Srikanteswara
Tackling Energy Theft in Smart Grids through Data-driven Analysis
Anish Jindal, Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho, Angelos K. Marnerides, Paul Smith, Andreas U. Mauthe and Lisandro Z Granville
On the Effectiveness of Intrusion Response Systems against Persistent Threats
Sharif Ullah, Sachin Shetty, Amin Hassanzadeh, Anup Nayak and Kamrul Hasan


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Sahar Hoteit
Real Traffic-Aware Scheduling of Computing Resources in Cloud-RAN
Hatem Ibn Khedher, Sahar Hoteit, Patrick Brown, Véronique Vèque, Ruby Krishnaswamy, William Diego and Makhlouf Hadji
Dynamic Time-Threshold Based Receive Buffer for Vehicle-to-Cloud Multipath Transmission
Yuyang Zhang, Ping Dong, Xiaojiang Du, Hongbin Luo, Hongke Zhang and Mohsen Guizani
QoS-enabled Cache Architecture for a Private Cloud
Taejoon Kim, Yu Gu and Jinoh Kim
A Deep Forest Method for Classifying E-Commerce Products by Using Title Information
Jin Dai, Tianyu Wang and Shaowei Wang
Harmonizing Wearable Biosensor Data Streams to Test Polydrug Detection
Joshua Rumbut, Hua Fang, Stephanie Carreiro, David Smelson, Brittany Chapman, Edward Boyer and Honggang Wang
Network Intrusion Detection System as a Service in OpenStack Cloud
Chen Xu, Ruipeng Zhang, Mengjun Xie and Li Yang

Invited Talks II

Li-Chun Wang, Yi Qian, Ling Liu and Tommaso Melodia
Room: Mauna Loa
Cross-Layer Strategic Ensemble Defense Against Adversarial Examples
Wenqi Wei, Ling Liu, Margaret Loper, Ka-Ho Chow, Mehmet Emre Gursoy, Stacey Truex and Yanzhao Wu


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: A. Malik Aljalai

Tuesday, February 18 13:30 - 15:30

Plenary: Ultra-dense Radio Access Network for 5G Advanced Systems
Practicing the Art of Data Science

Fumiyuki Adachi, Specially Appointed Professor for Research, Tohoku University, Japan; Jian Pei, Canada Research Chair Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Shiwen Mao

Tuesday, February 18 16:00 - 18:00

Invited Talks III: Edge/Cloud Computing

Schahram Dustdar, Victor C.M. Leung, Ying-Dar Lin and Eiji Oki
Room: Keauhou II

Invited Talks IV:

Shiwen Mao, Luiz Da Silva, Xianbin Wang and Naoaki Yamanaka
Room: Keauhou III


Room: Keauhou IV
Chairs: Anish Jindal, Hyuck Kwon


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Safiqul Islam


Room: Mauna Loa
Chairs: Vanlin Sathya, Longwen Wu

Tuesday, February 18 19:00 - 21:00

Welcome Reception

Room: Keauhou I

Wednesday, February 19

Wednesday, February 19 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote III: Security of 4G and 5G cellular networks

Elisa Bertino, Purdue University, USA
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Hossam S. Hassanein

Wednesday, February 19 10:00 - 12:00

Industry Forum I

AI for Future Communication Networks and Services
Jin Yang, Irena Atov, Sumei Sun, Ying Li and Haris Gacanin
Room: Keauhou II

Wednesday, February 19 10:00 - 11:00

Keynote Talk IV: Safe Learning in Robotics

Claire Tomlin, Desoer Professor, UC Berkeley, USA.
Room: Keauhou II

Wednesday, February 19 13:30 - 15:30

Plenary: Machine Learning Techniques for Fast Protocol Adaptation in Wireless Networks
Federated Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

Marwan Krunz, Kenneth VonBehren Endowed Professor, The University of Arizona, USA; Baochun Li, Bell Canada Endowed Chair Professor, University of Toronto, Canada
Room: Keauhou II

Wednesday, February 19 16:00 - 18:00

Industry Forum II

Masahito Togami, Akihiko K. Sugiyama, Yotaro Kubo, Suresh Babu Kolla and Haohong Wang
Room: Keauhou II

Invited Talks V:

Zhu Han, Jelena Misic, Jie Wang and Hamid Sharif
Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Yuanzhu Chen


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Ahmed Attia Abotabl
Predictive Caching for AR/VR Experiences in a Household Scenario
Sharare Zehtabian, Mina Razghandi, Ladislau Bölöni and Damla Turgut
Machine Learning based detection of multiple Wi-Fi BSSs for LTE-U CSAT
Vanlin Sathya, Adam Dziedzic, Monisha Ghosh and Sanjay Krishnan
Scheduling the Data Transmission Interval in IEEE 802.11ad: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Tommy Azzino, Tanguy Ropitault and Michele Zorzi
Reliable and Low-Complexity MIMO Detector Selection using Neural Network
Shailesh Chaudhari, Hyukjoon Kwon and Kee-Bong Song
Learning PHY Layer Parameters via SNR-Value Network
Ahmed Attia Abotabl, Jung Hyun Bae and Kee-Bong Song


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Prasad Calyam
Distributed Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Fog Networks: A Matching with Externalities Method
Zening Liu, Kunlun Wang, Ming-Tuo Zhou, Ziyu Shao and Yang Yang
Real-time Wireless Health Monitoring: An Ultra-low Power Biosensor Ring for Heart Disease Monitoring
Md Shaad Mahmud, Brian Coffen and Patrick Scott
Joint Scheduling and Power Allocation for 6G Terahertz Mesh Networks
Mengxin Yu, Aimin Tang, Xudong Wang and Chong Han
Smart Antenna Allocation for Wireless Surveillance
Shiyu Chen, Zhi Chen, Lingxiang Li and Shaoqian Li
Energy-aware Dynamic Computation Offloading for Video Analytics in Multi-UAV Systems
Aditya Vandanapu, Jeromy Yu, Chengyi Qu, Songjie Wang and Prasad Calyam
A Proximity-Based Generative Model for Online Social Network Topologies
Emory C Hufbauer, Nathaniel Hudson and Hana Khamfroush


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Jamil Y Khan
LoRa vs. WiFi Ad Hoc: A Performance Analysis and Comparison
George Klimiashvili, Cristiano Tapparello and Wendi Heinzelman
Performance Evaluation of WiFi Direct Multi Hop Ad-Hoc Networks
Nadir Adam, Cristiano Tapparello and Wendi Heinzelman
Coverage Analysis of Random UAV Networks Using Percolation Theory
MD Nashid Anjum, Honggang Wang and Hua Fang
Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and Grid Impact Studies in Smart Communities
Eric Elliott, Nicholas Shanklin, Sharare Zehtabian, Qun Zhou and Damla Turgut
Reversing The Meaning of Node Connectivity for Content Placement in Networks of Caches
Junaid Ahmed Khan, Cedric Westphal, JJ Garcia-Luna-Aceves and Yacine Ghamri-Doudane
Modeling of Churn Process in Bitcoin Network
Saeideh Motlagh, Jelena Mišić and Vojislav B. Mišić

Wednesday, February 19 19:00 - 21:00

Banquet & Award Ceremony

Room: Keauhou I

Thursday, February 20

Thursday, February 20 8:30 - 9:30

Keynote V: Reinforcement Learning for Resource Management in Space-Air-Ground (SAG) Integrated Vehicular Networks

Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, University Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Jelena Mišić

Thursday, February 20 10:00 - 12:00

Distinguished Lecture IV: New Algorithms Enabling On-Demand Dynamic Spectrum Allocation

Min Song, Professor and Chair, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Vojislav B. Mišić

Invited Talks VI

Zhizhang Chen, Falko Dressler, Hui Li and Yonggang Wen
Room: Keauhou III
Integrating Haptic Signals with V2X-based Safety Systems for Vulnerable Road Users
Marie-Christin H. Oczko, Lukas Stratmann, Mario Franke, Julian Heinovski, Dominik S. Buse, Florian Klingler and Falko Dressler


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Yusun Chang
Intelligent Tracking of Network Dynamics for Cross-Technology Coexistence Over Unlicensed Bands
Mohammed Hirzallah and Marwan Krunz
Non-cooperative OFDM Spectrum Sensing Using Deep Learning
Qingqing Cheng, Zhenguo Shi, Diep N. Nguyen and Eryk Dutkiewicz
Data Resolution Improvement for Ocean of Things Based on Improved FCM
Jiachen Yang, Jiabao Wen, Bin Jiang, Houbing Song, Fanhui Kong and Zhizhuo Zhen
A Comparison of Machine and Statistical Time Series Learning for Encrypted Traffic Prediction
Qing He, Georgios P. Koudouridis and György Dán
Examining Permission Patterns in Android Apps using Kernel Density Estimation
Muhammad Saleem, Jelena Mišić and Vojislav B. Mišić
CKCD: A Fair and Low Latency Queue Control Algorithm for Heterogeneous TCP Flows
Qiong Liu, Peng Yang, Ming Yang and Li Yu


Room: Mauna Kea
Improving the Energy Efficiency of DFT-s-OFDM in Uplink Massive MIMO with Barker Codes (Invited Paper)
A. Malik Aljalai, Chen Feng, Victor C.M. Leung and Rabab Ward
Data driven fault tolerant thermal management of data centers
Masoud Kheradmandi and Douglas Down
A Linear FMCW Radar System for Accurate Indoor Localization and Trajectory Detection
Zhizhang (David) Chen, Rongpeng Xiong, Xinxin Feng and Haifeng Zheng
Shaping Energy Beamforming to the Nonlinearity of Energy Harvesting Devices
Ali Bayat and Sonia Aissa
A Network of Cooperative Routers to Distribute Live Multimedia Content over the Internet
Leandro M Sales, Wendell S Soares, Rafael Silva, Karan Verma and Eduardo Setton
Rateless Adaptation for Mobile Visible Light Communications
Dianhan Xie, Chao Xu, Aimin Tang and Xudong Wang


Room: Mauna Loa
Chair: Shailesh Chaudhari
A Error Recovery MIMO Detection Algorithm based on Lattice Reduction
Wenxiu Wu, Jia Hou and Xueqin Jiang
Federated Learning Based Mobile Edge Computing for Augmented Reality Applications
Dawei Chen, Linda Jiang Xie, BaekGyu Kim, Li Wang, Choong Seon Hong, Li-Chun Wang and Zhu Han
A Novel Joint Scheduling Scheme of Earth Observation and Transmission in Satellite Networks
Peng Wang, Hongyan Li, Shun Zhang, Xiangyu Lin, Jun Liu and Erbao Wang
Optimal Resource Allocation in Point-to-Point Wireless Body Area Network with Backscatter Communication
Zhuang Ling, Fengye Hu and Li Dong
Price Control for Computational Offloading Services with Chaotic Data
Benedetta Picano, Romano Fantacci and Zhu Han
On Dually-Polarized MIMO based NOMA: System Model and Polarization Resource Allocation
Youquan Lin, Bin Cao, Xiaodong Lin and Qinyu Zhang

Thursday, February 20 13:30 - 15:30

Invited Talks VII:

Panos Nasiopoulos, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Lee Swindlehurst and Manos M. Tentzeris
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Falko Dressler


Room: Keauhou III
Chair: Brian D Hayes
Live Video Streaming with Joint User Association and Caching Placement in Mobile Edge Computing
Wei-Yu Chen, Po-Yu Chou, Chih-Yu Wang, Ren-Hung Hwang and Wen-Tsuen Chen
Robust EEG-based Emotion Recognition using Multi-feature Joint Sparse Representation
Dapeng Wu, Xiaojuan Han, Honggang Wang and Ruyan Wang
UCRA: A User-Centric Context-Aware Resource Allocation for Network Slicing
Dapeng Wu, Zhigang Yang, Honggang Wang, Boran Yang and Ruyan Wang
Lightweight Evolving 360 VR Adaptive Video Delivery
Brian D Hayes and Yusun Chang
Latency Minimization for Computation Offloading with Hybrid Multiple Access Methods
Lina Liu, Bo Sun, Yuan Wu and Danny H.K. Tsang
Efficient Mobile Edge Computing with Different Memory Capacities for Mobile Internet of Things
Kevin Chevalier, Nannan Wang, Yi Zhu, Xi Wang, Paparao Palacharla and Tadashi Ikeuchi


Room: Keauhou IV
Chair: Margaret Loper
Time-Ordered Bipartite Graph for Spatio-Temporal Social Network Analysis
Shorouq Al-Eidi, Yuanzhu Chen, Omar Darwish and Ali M. S. Alfosool
The media-based corporate swarm on stock markets
Rong Xing, Qing Li, Jingmei Zhao and Jiwen Huang
Formation of a Community: in the Case of a Particular Non-profit Sports Organization
Qingxuan Zhou, Jia Yu and Weiqiang Sun
Analysis of Information Spread on SNSs Based on Strong Correlation Assumption
Shigeo Shioda and Masato Minamikawa
Road Importance Using Complex-Networks, Graph Reduction & Interpolation
Ali M. S. Alfosool, Yuanzhu Chen, Daniel Fuller and Shorouq Al-Eidi


Room: Mauna Kea


Room: Mauna Kea
Chair: Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny
Underlay Spectrum Sharing for NOMA Relaying Networks: Outage Analysis
Sultangali Arzykulov, Galymzhan Nauryzbayev, Theodoros Tsiftsis, Behrouz Maham, Mohammad Hashmi and Khaled M. Rabie
Performance Analysis of Filter Bank Multicarrier Spread Spectrum with Biorthogonal Signaling
David Haab, Hussein Moradi, Tom Holschuh and Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny
Performance Analysis of a Time-sharing Joint Radar-Communications Network
Ping Ren, Andrea Munari and Marina Petrova
Hybrid Beamformer Codebook Design and Ordering for Compressive mmWave Channel Estimation
Junmo Sung and Brian L Evans
Augmenting Cloud Connectivity with Opportunistic Networks for Rural Remote Patient Monitoring
Esther Max-Onakpoya, Oluwashina Madamori, Faren Grant, Robin Vanderpool, Ming-Yuan Chih, David Ahern, Eliah Aronoff-Spencer and Corey E Baker
Dynamic Spectrum Access for Femtocell Networks: A Graph Neural Network Based Learning Approach
He Jiang, Haibo He and Lingjia Liu


Room: Mauna Loa
Packet Routing Against Network Congestion: A Deep Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Approach
Ruijin Ding, Yuwen Yang, Jun Liu, Hongyan Li and Feifei Gao
Deep Learning Method for Generalized Modulation Classification under Varying Noise Condition
Yu Wang, Guan Gui, Nan Zhao, Hao Huang, Miao Liu, Jinlong Sun, Haris Gacanin, Hikmet Sari and Fumiyuki Adachi
Energy-Focusing Window Based Power Leakage Elimination for Wideband mmWave Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems
Bolei Wang, Feifei Gao and Geoffrey Li
Approximative Matrix Inversion Based Linear Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems
Xiaowei Qiang, Yang Liu, Qingxia Feng, Jinhong Liu, Xueli Ren and Minglu Jin
Distributed ADMM with Synergetic Communication and Computation
Zhuojun Tian, Zhaoyang Zhang, Jiamei Yan and Jue Wang
Channel Modeling for UCA and URA Massive MIMO Systems
Xudong Cheng, Yejun He and Jian Qiao

Thursday, February 20 16:00 - 18:00

Invited Talks VIII:

Yu Cheng, Takehiro Moriya, Honggang Wang and Michele Zorzi
Room: Keauhou II
Chair: Honggang Wang
Scalable and Accurate Modeling of the Millimeter Wave Channel
Paolo Testolina, Mattia Lecci, Michele Polese, Marco Giordani and Michele Zorzi


Room: Keauhou III


Room: Keauhou IV
Natural Language Processing Characterization of Recurring Calls in Public Security Services
Nicollas Oliveira, Lucio Reis, Natalia Fernandes, Carlos Alberto Malcher Bastos, Dianne Medeiros and Diogo Mattos
Optimal Protocols for Entanglement Swapping and Distribution
Wenhan Dai, Tianyi Peng and Moe Z. Win
Queuing Delay for Quantum Networks
Wenhan Dai, Tianyi Peng and Moe Z. Win
Decentralized Bandwidth Allocation Framework for Energy-Efficiency and Fog Integration in PONs
Ahmed Helmy and Amiya Nayak
Fast Neighbor Discovery in MEMS FSO Networks
Michael Atakora and Harsha Chenji


Room: Mauna Loa