Welcome to Silicon Valley, USA

Welcome to ICNC 2017, which will be held at the most well-known high-tech business region in the world, and which has a social and business ethos that supports innovation and entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley is a nickname for the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, in the northern part of the U.S. state of California. The "valley" in its name refers to the Santa Clara Valley in Santa Clara County, which includes the city of San Jose and surrounding cities and towns, where the region has been traditionally centered. The region has expanded to include the southern half of the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County, and southern portions of the East Bay in Alameda County.


There are three (3) International airport around Silicon Valley:


Rent a car at the airport or take taxi (using Uber or Lyft are highly recommended for money saving) to the hotel. Other options include tour buses, shuttles, or city buses.


Silicon Valley has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. In January the daily average temperature is in the range of 42-58°F.


Golden Gate Bridge - Once called "the bridge that couldn't be built," today it is one the seven wonders of the modern world. This magnificent bridge, perhaps San Francisco's most famous landmark, opened in 1937 after a four-year struggle against relentless winds, fog, rocks and treacherous tides. Spanning 1.7 miles from San Francisco to the Marin headlands, the bridge’s sidewalks are open during the day to pedestrians including wheelchair users and bicyclists.

Stanford University - adjacent to Palo Alto and between San Jose and San Francisco. Its 8,180-acre (12.8 sq mi; 33.1 km2) campus is one of the largest in the United States. Set in the Silicon Valley, surrounded by foothills, small mountains and the East Bay, the beautiful campus features Romanesque and Mission architecture. Students and visitors alike can drive along the 46 miles of roads, cycle along the extensive network of bike paths or just walk amongst the lush foliage are more than 43,000 trees.

Monterey - There are so many unique attractions in Monterey that it can be hard to pick just one! There's something for everyone whether you're looking to see some of the more iconic attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, 17-Mile Drive, Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf as well as lesser known gems like MY Museum, Pacific Monarch Butterfly Grove Sanctuary and National Steinbeck Center.

Napa Valley - The beautiful Napa Valley, a short 90-minute drive north from San Francisco, is undoubtedly a well-sought and famous grape-growing region of world-class vineyards and wine production. The dreamy landscape of rolling hills, luxurious resorts, charming inns, stellar climate, renowned food, and, of course, wine make for an unbeatable destination.